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Ligurian Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO

Limited Edition 0.5L
€ 21.00
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The Ligurian Riviera is recognized worldwide for its dedication to quality olive oil products.
In particular, the taggiasca olive has greatly contributed in placing Ligurian olive oil at the pinnacle of global standards.
Every province in Liguria has taken the necessary steps so that the products of its territory are granted the PDO Certification (Protected Designation of Origin).
Polla’s Protected Designation of Origin oil, is a result of cold processing, respecting antique methods, of the best olives gathered exclusively in the province of Savona, a method which allows the product to express the best of its chemical-physical properties as well as its organoleptic qualities.
The Polla Oil Mill wanted to introduce this oil with a Protected Designation of Origin to completely satisfy consumer needs. It is a product which goes side by side with the traditional oil, obtained using antique grindstones at the Toirano mill, from taggiasche olives gathered within the provinces of Savona and Imperia.
The PDO, offered in a very distinctive bottle, shaped like a truncated cone – is placed at the top of our range with an acidity level below 0.3%.

Taking into consideration the limited production of this product it may not always be available

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