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Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Delicate Taste 0.75L
€ 21.00
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It is the product of the grinding and pressing of the olive. It can be, as in our case, produced using the traditional cold pressing method, by milling the olives using stone mills; grinding, which is the phase in which the crushed paste is amalgamated, and  pressing using hydraulic presses. Whereas, in modern mills, a so called “continuous cycle” is used, the milling is normally carried out with a hammer crusher and within a closed plant, hot water is circulated to obtain a higher yield of oil extraction, often to the detriment of the quality.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is declaredly produced with only Taggiasche olives and obtained from the first cold press in the ancient stone mill in Toirano.

It is delicate oil, sweet, digestible, and low acidity. Ideal to satisfy the most demanding palates where oil is an integral and fundamental part of the food and does not interfere with other flavors.

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