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Stoned Taggiasche Olives 300g

in Extra Vergin Olive Oil
€ 12.70
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The same variety of Taggiasca olive that we produce in brine is also available stoned in extra virgin olive oil.

The procedure is long and natural because we do not add chemical products to shorten the time. Olives must remain in the brine to eliminate the herbaceous taste. Then the stones are removed, a very delicate phase given the size of the olives that is only possible with the best ones. When they are ready,  we put them in jars and cover with extra virgin olive oil.

Recommended as aperitives, garnish for canapés, side dish, and to add a twist to vegetables, meat, and fish recipes. In Ligurian cuisine, used to prepare 'Coniglio alla Ligure' (rabbit), and 'Gallina al forno' (baked hen with olives and fresh tomatoes).

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